La Meseta Coffee is a company that, like any other coffee company, has suffered the consequences of the shortage of human talent in the coffee sector. In the year 2020 La Meseta, although it had an excellent flowering and therefore an incomparable coffee maturation, unfortunately it did not have the human talent required to harvest said coffee. As a consequence, there was a great loss of coffee, money and of course an increase in pests and diseases in the coffee plantations. For this reason, La Meseta contacted Biohexa, with the aim that this event would not be repeated in the 2021 harvest. Biohexa provided its collection and fertilization services, with a trained work team with sufficient experience to carry out each task at the La Estrella farm, located in the municipality of Chinchiná, in the department of Caldas, Colombia. This work team was form mainly from inmigrants from Venezuela.

La Meseta

La Meseta Coffee Company S.A. is a family business, with extensive experience in the Colombian coffee business. Reliability and performance have allowed it to maintain growth and remain since its foundation in 1983. The history of La Meseta begins as small-scale producers, with a production capacity of 10,000 kg of dry parchment coffee in the municipality of Villamaría, department of Caldas. Today, the Company has established itself as a powerful agro-industrial complex, with an average Excelso coffee production of 90,000 70-kg bags per month. The company is aware that the management of Human Resources in companies has changed drastically over the years. Previously, human resources departments focused on exclusive functions, such as hiring, payroll, and benefits. But now, companies are beginning to understand the positive impact of having a team of qualified employees, committed and involved with the goals of the organization and that is why the interest of working with Biohexa arises, as your ally in the field. in favor of carrying out agricultural work in the most efficient and dignified way possible.


Biohexa SAS is a company that connects the demand for agricultural labor on farms with providers of agricultural services at home, to attend to the tasks at the best prices, with opportunity and professionalism. Biohexa uses a simple technological platform for the connection between supply and demand, connecting producers that require labor with formalized, trained employees, at a reasonable cost, and machinery and equipment that improve efficiencies. Understanding that migrants are a great opportunity for the coffee sector, Biohexa SAS considers that the platform is an opportunity for this population, since there is a large supply of young human talent and taking advantage of the fact that the government is working on the regularization of Venezuelan migrants, it is This is a way to provide a solution and place personnel for those difficult-to-place vacancies that agriculture is going through, counteracting the reduction in the workforce of rural human talent, this is how this population is trained and hired according to the requirements of the law.